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  • Lychee Mulberry Vinegar Drink
  • Guava Vinegar Drink
  • Pineapple Vinegar Drink

Mango Passion Vinegar Drinks

Mahachanok Mangoes and Thai-noong Passion-Fruits are a premium raw material for making vinegar drinks .

Passion Fruit & Mango Juice

Feeling Fresh and Refresh with Mango Passion Vinegar Drinks


We are more than ready to be your representative in sourcing premium fruits directly from farmers who practice sustainable and suitable agricultural methods, known as Good Agricultural Practices (GAP). Additionally, we also provide products with Geographical Indications certification. Our aim is to deliver these products directly to your hotel or restaurant, fulfilling your specific requirements.

Processed Fruit

Processed fruit products both domestic and international

Premium Fresh fruits

Fresh fruit for the food processing factory


  1. The Elephant:
  • The elephant is a symbol deeply rooted in Thai culture, representing our country.
  • In another sense, our founder’s name, as the company’s name is Pasuda, which means “elephant.”
  1. The Green Leaf Diet:
  • Thailand’s agricultural abundance.
  • Green leaves show our commitment to natural, eco-friendly, and toxin-free food.
  1. “Pasuda Food”:
  • A division of Pasuda Supplies & Services Co., Ltd. dealing with industrial machinery
  • Our entry into the food industry is symbolized by the name “Pasuda Food.”
  1. The “dd” Pairing:
  • Shaped like eyeglasses = our dedication to source and select the best products.
  • “Pasuda Selected”
  1. The Orange color on “dd”:
  • Orange represents delicious and nutritious food

Our focus on the food industry

Welcome to the Healthful Fruit Orchard!

We’re absolutely delighted to welcome you to our warm and genuine online marketplace for fruits and fruit-based products.

“NSTDA” that supports the research fund to us.

On behalf of Pasuda Supplies and Services Co., Ltd., we would like to sincerely thank you.
Innovation and Technology Assistance Program “ITAP” is agencies under the National Science and Technology Development Agency “NSTDA” that supports the research fund to us.


“In the process of selecting ingredients for production, we must carefully choose the right and appropriate raw materials. For instance, each type of raw material should be suitable for a specific purpose, and the planting methods should be accurate to ensure that they can be processed into the correct and suitable type of raw material for our production processes.”