Pasuda Food Product

Pasuda Food product catalog, made in Thailand 100%.

We sell fresh fruit, soft dried fruits, and other processed fruits which are researched and developed by the Thais people. We intend to select the best product for our customers.

Souvenir Box

Package for Soft Dried Mango To reduce the use of plastic, the new packaging is a recyclable paper box. With a package inside containing soft baked mango ready to eat Put a film inside to prevent moisture. with a special design like no other

Pasuda Food Product Calender

Pasuda Food plantations are grown with Good Agricultural Practices (GAP) and Geographical Indication Certificate (GI). Our alliance garden has decades of experience in gardening. The most important is the non-chemicals garden. We pledged all devotion to selecting and attention to the production process for our customers.

Friuts Lists For Seasons

(January – December)

  • Nam Dok Mai Mango (Golden)
  • Kaew Ka Min Mango
  • Khiew Sawoey Mango
  • Mahachanok Mango
  • Gimju Guava
  • Red Guava
  • Tubtim Chan Rose Apple
  • Taiwan Giant Rose Apple
  • Hong Huei/Emperro Lychee
  • Tai Nung Passion Fruit
  • India Cape Gooseberry
  • Chanchai/Asahi Melon
  • Milk Jujube
  • Lemon Seedless
  • Ureka Lemon


  • Japanese Pumpkin
  • Red Thai Dragon Fruit
  • Jackfruit
  • Lebmuernang Banana
  • Barbadensis Aloe Vera