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Pasuda /Supplies and Services Co., Ltd.

Has been established since 23 February 2007, to supply and service for Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines, Detergent, Related Industrial Using Products.
Pasuda Food Department
is one of our new department, has come from following business concepts
✔ We have our own small vegetable and fruit garden and our associated fruit farm gardens located in Nakhon Pathom, Phitsanulok, Ratchaburi, Sakaew, and Chaingmai.
Our products are mango, guava, rose apple, banana, taro, pumpkin and seasonal fruits as well as cleaning machines, conveyors and packing machines in production line.
  • As we always realize “Customer’s Satisfactory” is our business target.
  • From our experience, we believe that the most importance for our customers to select their supplier or business partner is the one who can provide the “Best Services & Support”.
✔ We are ready to be a supplier for sourcing raw materials of fresh fruits from farm garden and directly deliver to your factory, and Premium Fruits Markets.
We have supplied the Food processing products. All our products have the globalize food standard certificates for consumers in the market

Our story

          The inception of our Food Department sprouted from the visionary drive of our management team. Situated in Nakhon Pathom province, we established a quaint dwelling and allocated space for neighboring villagers to plant gardens behind it. Every weekend, we retreat there for respite, which has allowed us to intimately grasp the challenges that local farmers face. Each farmer encountered distinct struggles with distribution and selling their produce. Often, middlemen would dictate prices, making it arduous for them to receive equitable value for their hard work.

          After months of tending to their crops, uncertainty loomed as they sought avenues to sell. Regardless of their efforts, prices were frequently influenced by middlemen. This continuous cycle eroded the morale of farmers. Eventually, the prospect of selling their land to foreigners loomed, envisioning a future where Thais may have to acquire foreign-grown produce.

          We stand at a pivotal juncture. Without action, there looms a conceivable future where Thai people may need to rely on imported fruits.

          Drawing from the expertise of our management team, we firmly believe that by forging the right connections between buyers and sellers, farmers can escape the cycle of price pressures. This means farmers will not have to compromise anymore. Moreover, this approach benefits not only the market’s consumers but also the processors of fruit products.

          In light of this guiding principle, our leadership has taken the decision to directly source produce from local farmers in that region. Diligently, we curate a premium selection from this harvest, earmarked for exclusive online retail. Concurrently, the remaining yield, graded a notch lower, finds its way to a mid-sized fruit processing factory through our dedicated OEM. This strategic move reflects our commitment to excellence, ensuring positive outcomes for all stakeholders.

From the circumstances in the year 2021, a mango oversupply issue led to a market glut and a decline in prices. This situation prompted local farmers to throw their mangoes by the roadside. In response to this, our management team stepped in to assist by purchasing the surplus mangoes, carefully grading and sorting them. The lower-graded mangoes were sent to our fruit processing factory, while the premium-grade ones were selected, packaged, and made available for sale online. This approach has been very well-received and appreciated by all parties involved.


” Promoting local products, enhancing innovation, and preparing for international expansion.”

          With the experience gained from traveling to engage with various industrial customers in different countries, the idea of exporting fresh (Premium) and processed fruits emerged. We began by testing the market ourselves, using these products as gifts on every business trip abroad. The response was overwhelmingly positive, giving us the impression that our Thai fruits were like golden treasures for them. As a result, our management team shifted focus back to local promotion, enhancing product quality, and encouraging farmers in that region to register for GAP (Good Agricultural Practices) certification. We are setting product standards to prepare for global expansion.


  • Currently, our team is actively brainstorming and collaborating with experts to develop products that generate added value. We are taking steps towards entering the global innovation arena to keep up with the changing times and evolving era.

Vision and Mission

  • We are committed to elevating local products to the international level.
  • We are dedicated to being a part of improving the quality of life for farmers.
  • We will select the best products and ensure that customers can have confidence in “Pasuda Selected” items, as they represent the best of our produce.
  • We are constantly mindful that “customer satisfaction” is our business goal.
  • Based on our experience, we believe that the most important aspect for customers in choosing a supplier or business partner is someone who can provide the “best service and assistance.”

✔ We are ready to be your sourcing partner, procuring raw materials directly from certified gardeners’ gardens and delivering them to your factory/Hotel/Restaurants/Cafes.

✔ We are committed to developing and distributing processed agricultural products to both domestic and international markets.